Lord Ramacandra frees Ahalya

Kamika Ekadashi Katha – Why Are My Desires of a Degraded Nature?


The name of today’s Ekadasi is Kamika Ekadasi. Rules and regulations of following Ekadasi only apply to the sadhakas, and not to the siddhas who are liberated souls. They also don’t apply to the Maha-bhagavats. Most of the baddha-jivas, conditioned souls, don’t pay any heed to the glories of Ekadasi-devi. The souls who have a desire to engage in sadhana will attentively hear her glories. They will pray to Ekadasi-devi and request her for her mercy. Hence, they will be immediately helped.


The sadhaka starts his sadhana by chanting his Guru-mantra, Gaura-mantra, and Krsna-mantra. He will chant the mantra of his istadeva given to him by his Gurudeva.


Gurudeva tells him, “You must chant these mantras. You must follow Ekadasi-vrata. You must also observe the holy occasions of Janmastami, Rama-navami, Siva-ratri, Gaura Purnima, and the appearance days of the Lord. On these days, you must observe a vrata.”


Therefore, the disciple receives instructions and orders from the Vaisnava Acarya and Guru-varga. This is Vaisnavism; these are the rules of the Vaisnavas. What will be the result when the sadhaka starts to follow Ekadasi? The sadhaka will receive much name, fame, and popularity. Labha, puja, pratistha, nisidhacara, jiva-hamsa, kuti-nati, and other anarthas will appear one last time. He will then run after name and popularity.


The sadhaka will think, “I am so famous. My agent is announcing my glories everywhere. I am the founder of this organization. I am a siddha-purusa. I am a bona fide religionist. I am all-in-all.”


Therefore, while following Ekadasi, you should think, “How can I engage my eleven senses in the service of God? How will my svarupa-siddhi and ekadasa-bhava manifest? How will my soul grow and realize her spiritual senses? When will my soul engage in the service of the Lord through her transcendental body?”


How can you control your senses and engage in the service of Radha and Krsna for the complete day and night? How to curb these uncontrolled senses? By praying to Ekadasi-devi, the thirty-three million demigods and demons will come and help you. How will they help? They will make you strong and healthy. A sadhu will never be old; his senses will never be weak. They will be empowered by the powerhouse of transcendent devotion. They will be helped and delivered.


Pratisthasa sukhara ‘vista—the desire for pratistha, fame is considered to be like the pig’s stool. But, Pratistha-devi approaches her willing victim and tells him, “Oh you are now Jagat-guru. You are guru-mata; you are guru-pitha; you are a Maha-bhagavat Vaisnava.” She announces his glories everywhere.


Pratishta bhaya puri janapalaiya — Madhavendra Puri knew of how highly he would be respected after Gopinatha stole the pot of khira for him in Remuna. He thought, “If I remain here until tomorrow morning, I will be honored. Everybody will tell each other, ‘Gopala stole sweet-rice for Sri Madhavendra Puri.’ This announcement will be made everywhere and people will gather around me. In my efforts to to please these people, I will lose my bhajana. My relationship with Gopala will be finished. Mundane people will try to make a relationship with me and steal my life.”


Therefore, Madhavendra Puri left Remuna during the night. Without speaking a single word, he left. But now, if anyone glorifies you, you will clap your hands and say, “How wonderfully I am being glorified. My name and pictures are broadcast everywhere. Indeed, I am very famous! I will give my pictures to many; they should worship me because I am jagat-guru.”


Baba! From where did this mentality come? Despite following bhakti and Ekadasi-devi, how did this pisaci, witch, enter your heart? Pratisthasa dhrsta svapaca-ramani hrdi natet, katham sadhu-prema sprsati sucir etan nanu manah — how will you attain this pure sadhu-prema, as long as the desire for prestige haunts you?


You constantly think, “Nobody respects me. No one offers me pranama. I am neglected and avoided by everyone.” Thinking as such, your heart will burn from the pain of not being respected. You will think, “How can I defeat and smash my detractors? They always insult me; they are useless and bogus.” Why does this nature come? The demigods and demons like the gandharvas, yaksas, raksasas, kinnaras, the residents of Satya-loka and indeed, the residents of the fourteen planetary systems check and look to see how strong your desire is to cross this material ocean and enter the spiritual realm.


They will say, “You want to get past the material realm and enter Goloka-Vaikuntha? We shall see how you do so.” They will then give you everything, without you ever asking for it. They will have beautiful apsaras, gandharvas, naginis, and kinnaris entice you. They will offer many heavenly damsels to you. These damsels will approach and attract you to them.


They will tell you, “Our beauty is unparalleled. We are your asulka-dasika, unpaid maidservants.” On seeing these unpaid maidservants, you will think, “Why are these strange ladies approaching me? I sincerely followed Nirjala Ekadasi. I stayed awake the whole night chanting the Lord’s names. Indeed, I stayed awake the whole day also. I didn’t take a single morsel of food. I spoke to no one. I was continuously engaged in bhajan. So why have I come across this situation?” By accepting these bribes, people will lose everything. They will even lose a million lives. It is Srila Raghunatha Das Gosvami who has written about the repulsive nature of pratistha.


All that you crave will follow you. A thousand people will follow you and you will think, “I am jagat-guru.”


Your followers will say, “You are God-incarnate in this world.”


Alas, how shameful this position is! When a person dies, his body is burnt and finished. But being smashed by people every minute is a terrible fate. Despite being smashed, you dance and say, “I am now glorified.” But know that by praising you, people are beating and killing you at every moment. You don’t know how much your soul is suffering and gliding down into the hellish planets. Is this really glorification? Pratistha-sukhara-vista, gauravam-suddha-rauravam. This mentality is very bad. Pride will bring a person’s downfall.


Brhaspati was the guru of the demigods and Sukracharya was the guru of the demons. The Guru-varga teach us bhakti’s rules and regulations. The Rsis, Maharsis, Brahmarsis, Tapasvis, Rajarsis, and Kandarsis were in the forest within a cave or their ashram. There, they properly followed the limbs of bhakti. They would help all the citizens of the kingdom with their wise instructions.


The demigods and demons came near the guru’s asrama. Not everyone can follow Ekadasi. Some beings have no time to follow Ekadasi; they are only absorbed in enjoying this material world. They cannot spare even a minute for Ekadasi-devi. They drink soma-rasa and enjoy. After the credit of their pious activities is finished, they fall down.


te tam bhuktva svarga-lokam visalam

ksine punye martya-lokam visanti

evam trayi-dharmam anuprapanna

gatagatam kama-kama labhante


Exhausting their pious merits, they fall down. At that point, seeking shelter, they approach Ekadasi-devi. They think, “How can we receive the result of following Ekadasi?” They then bribe the followers of Ekadasi. They send gandharvas who sing melodiously.


On listening to them sing, you will think, “My life is successful. How enchanting these songs are! Who gave these gandharvas this gift of singing?”


But your troubles will not end there. Apsaras will then attract you with their beguiling dance. On seeing them, you will remark, “Look how attractive their facial movements are. Their postures are exceedingly enticing. This is very nice.”


But if they still cannot conquer one, what will the demigods do? What did Candra do? He enjoyed with his gurudeva’s wife. How stupid he is! Despite staying in the gurukula with guru, guru-mata, godbrothers and godsisters, Candra’s intelligence was defeated. He enjoyed with his guru’s wife and even begot children from her. Why did his intelligence become degraded? Why was he unable to control his mind and senses? The other demigods and demons disturbed him and made him act as such.


Approaching Candra, they thought, “I will give him something by which his intelligence will be covered. He will then act against the injunctions of the scriptures and I will be quick to steal his pious merits.”


bahu janma kare yadi sravana, kirtana

tabu ta’ na paya krsna-pade prema-dhana


Someone may observe vratas and niyama for a million lives; they may have even listened to harikatha and engaged in kirtan for a million lives, but if they are unable to resist the offers of maya, then all they have achieved amounts to zero. They have achieved nothing. Why is a person so unfortunate? Because he is careless and fearless; he is engaged in nonsense. You must perform your services strongly and perfectly. Don’t lose your life in vain pursuits. Can you not understand how troublesome these offers and presentations are? Did Candra not understand? He enjoyed with his guru’s wife and had to suffer from the fearsome consequences. The sastras provide many more examples of those whose downfall was brought about by others and by their own selves.


Also Gautama Rsi engaged in bhajana and followed Ekadasi. His wife Ahalya was a chaste and honest lady. But Indra assumed the svarupa of Gautama Rsi and stole his wife’s honesty, chastity, and character. Enraged Gautama Rsi cursed Ahalya to become a stone. Thousands of years later, by the touch of Ramacandra’s footdust, she assumed her original form.


You must regretfully think, “Who will help me? I am a fallen soul. After a million lives I have come near the lotus feet of Guru-pada-padma and Vaisnavas. Just by performing a little service, pratistha comes uninvited. Larger than life announcements are made about me. Now, many of maya’s presentations are coming near me. They want to steal my character by any means.”


A tutor would often tell us in school, “When money is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost something is lost, but when character is lost everything is lost.”


Thus certain pretenders will try to steal your character. You will get a crazy mood; you will be uncontrolled. What will you do in such a position? Where will you go? Despite performing bhajan-sadhana and following Ekadasi, where did this nonsense mood come from? Why does this nature persist even in a good atmosphere and environment? It is because most are attracted to the material potency. Srila Raghunatha das Gosvami has stated:


gale baddhva hanye ’ham iti bakabhid vartmapa-gane
kuru tvam phutkaran avati sa yatha tvam mana itaḥ


Calling out to the generals of devotion, say, “Please save me. Please protect me. I am being smashed by dacoits like lust, anger, and greed. I am now dead; my life is finished. Bhakti is finished.”


You will no longer have any inclination to perform bhakti. You will forget everything.


uttinohata jagrata prapya varan nibodhata
khurasya dhara nisita duratyaya
durgam pathas tat kavayo vadanti


The path of devotion is as sharp as a razor’s edge. Any carelessness on your part will result in you cutting yourself. Hence, to protect bhakti, Ekadasi appears. Today’s Ekadasi is called Kamika Ekadasi. Kamika means kamana, desire.


Remorsefully you should think, “Why have these bad desires entered my heart? I am always near Guru, Vaisnavas, sastras, dhama, and mahaprasada; but why are my desires of a degraded nature? How have they come? Where have they come from?”


Anybody who thinks as such is grateful and merciful. Their kindness always flows from Gurudeva, God, and the bhaktas. But by being careless one loses everything.


The Guru of the demigods, Brhaspati, had a very nice son named Kacha. He told his son, “I will send you to a Gurukula.”


The boy replied, “Father all the respected personalities come to you. You are Guru, hence you should teach me.”


Brhaspati replied, “I am not conversant with a particular vidya, science. Therefore how can I teach you? I will send you elsewhere. Will you follow my order?”


“Yes. I will follow your order.”


“You should go to Sukracarya.”


Shocked Brhaspati’s son said, “Sukracarya is guru to all the demons! He is against you!”


“No problem. He is a qualified and respected person. He has the power of protection. He knows everything. He has mrtyu-sanjivani, the art of reviving the dead. He also knows visalya-karanya. He has the knowledge of all medicines. He knows how to clean and purify those who do wrong. So, you must go to him.”


Hence Brhaspati’s son Kacha went to Sukracarya’s Gurukula. On seeing him Sukracarya thought, “This boy is Brhaspati’s son. If I teach him the mrtyu-sanjivani the dynasty of the demigods will prosper.”


A guru’s heart is not reserved. Anyone can take shelter of guru. Indeed he may be a demigod, demon, kinnara, gandharva, yaksa, rakshasa, nara, or a banara. Guru never considers one’s birth. A bona fide guru is jagat-guru. He is clean and his heart is open. Therefore God gives him everything. Guru doesn’t consider if one is fallen or not; if one is a great soul or not.


Kacha approached Sukracarya and said, “Gurudeva I take shelter of you. I am Brhaspati’s son. Please teach me mrtyu-sanjivani and any science that is good for me.”


One may be lame and ugly before coming to the temple. But after staying for a while in the temple, they become beautiful and strong. The old become young by staying in the temple. All goodness will reside in them. Why? Because they are infused with guru-sakti and guru-bhakti. Guru-sakti and guru-bhakti have power. Guru is svarupa-sakti’s expansion. Being infused with this beauty, one will attract many people to him. Sometimes he will not be able to tolerate this motion. People will be attracted to him and many problems will arise.


Kacha became Guru’s near and dear one. Gurudeva taught him everything. Sukracarya had a daughter whose name was Devayani. She would look at this disciple of her father’s every day. She became greedy for him. She thought, “How can I control Kacha? How can he be my friend? Soon after he will be my lover. He will be my beloved and I will enjoy with him.”


She wasn’t happy with the demons sons. There were many of them who were young and as strong as a thunderbolt. But she wasn’t drawn to them. She was only drawn to Kacha. Why? She thought, “Kacha is learning mrtyu-sanjivani. I will turn him into a demon, then my life will be successful. He will not return to the demigods.” This mentality of Devayani caused a great problem.


Guru-seva and guru-bhakti cannot possibly be imbibed by everyone. Kacha conquered his gurudeva’s heart by his guru-bhakti and guru-seva. The demons would not serve their gurudeva properly; their service was artificial. Externally it seemed nice, but internally they maintained a conception of pride. They thought, “I will be the next guru; I will be acarya. I will be the first expansion and another will be the second expansion.”


This is the conception of the demons. Therefore a competition arises among demons and each of them stakes claim to guru’s position. They ominously tell each other, “I am guru and you aren’t. I am brahma — sarvam khalvidam brahma. I am jagat-guru — sarvam khalvidam guru.” This is a demoniac policy.


Does anyone say, “Daso’ham; sisya’ham? – I am a servant; I am a sisya?” No. A demoniac line runs presently. Nobody likes to be a disciple or a sisya. Everyone wants to be a guru. Therefore our Gurudeva would say, “Those who wish to become guru may become guru.” Mahaprabhu also said the same.


Mahaprabhu said, “Everyone can become a guru. But only Govinda is the disciple.”


Sankaracarya’s disciple Govinda was also the ideal disciple. But now many are embellishing their names with prefixes like, “Gaudiya Bhusanacarya, Bhagavatacarya, Raganugacarya, Ragatmikacarya.” Baba! What is the nature of this mood? This is the basis of the demons attraction. This policy and politics will not do. But Kacha was the ideal disciple of Sukracarya.


Kacha wanted to return to his house but Devayani strongly objected. She told him, “No, you cannot return. It is impossible for you to return to your house. You will now be a member of our demon family. You will be a superior member for I will steal you.” She knew Maha-maya vidya. She thought, “How will Kacha be pleased?”


When Kacha was sleeping, Devayani stole him away by her maya-vidya to her room. She told him, “You are my lover.”


Kacha replied, “No. I belong to the gurukula; I am guru’s disciple. You are gurudeva’s daughter; hence, you are my sister.”


“Sister! Don’t you dare speak this way! In this world nobody is a sister. Ladies are not to be considered as one’s sisters. I am your lover. Do you love me?”




Kacha was empowered by his sincere guru-seva. He had the power to control his senses. This is the highest conception — guru-bhakti empowers the disciple with the potency of the guru. But Sukracarya didn’t know of his daughter’s advancements to Kacha. She would incessantly pursue Kacha. She would threaten Kacha with swords, tridents, and hooks. She resorted to these means because she wanted Kacha to love her in return.


She thought, “I will defeat Kacha somehow or other.”


She then had the demons help her in her endeavors. She told the demons, “Kacha will learn mtryu-sanjivani and help the demigods conquer you all. He will be the next acarya. Therefore we must steal him; we must destroy him.”


The demons were relentless. They told Kacha, “You should get married to Devayani.”




“Then we will kill you.”


“No problem. You can kill me.”


The demons caught Kacha and cut him into many pieces. They dug a hole and placed the remains of his body there.


Gurudeva has a deep relation with his disciples; he has deep love for them. It is impossible for a guru and disciple to be separated. Guru-gata-prana, the guru is the life and soul of the disciple. Guru accepts and gives shelter to the disciple. Gurudeva never rejects the disciple even if the disciple has to wander in the material realm for a million lives. Gurudeva was chanting mantras and taking a stroll.


He called out, “Kacha where are you?”


Devayani replied, “Kacha is not here.”


“Then where is he?”


Frustrated, Devayani asked, “Why do you chant his name?”


By his mrtyu-sanjivani, Sukracarya brought Kacha back to life. By the potency of the mantras, Kacha emerged out of the graveyard with a golden body. Devayani then became greedier to have him.


She thought, “Baba! How beautiful his body is! My love and affection for him is unequalled.”


She was unable to tolerate her feelings for him. Day and night she chanted maya-mantras. But how could these mantras work? To protect Kacha Sukracarya gave him added advice and instructions.


Kacha never complained to his gurudeva. He never said, “The demons have cut and tried to kill me.”


This is the rule of the disciples — they should never give pain to their guru. They should never act against him and blame him for their shortcomings. They shouldn’t offer guru their base conceptions and tendencies. They should offer puspanjali and perform puja of their guru. They should give their heartfelt presentations to their gurudeva. Indeed they should offer their lives to their gurudeva. But the disciples should never offer their anarthas to gurudeva.


A disciple shouldn’t think, “I will give my sins and accumulated mundane tendencies to my gurudeva. I will offer him my mundane nature.” To think as such is not the mood of a pure disciple.


Devayani assumed many forms to entice Kacha. When Kacha would go to the bathroom, she would assume the form of water. When he would eat, she would become a fan and other paraphernalia. She tried to control him by any means. But Kacha had the desire for guru-bhakti and guru-seva. Devayani tried to have Kacha accept even a little of her affection. Even if you accept a little of this kind of love and affection, then it will act like slow poison on you. You will gradually be finished.


Therefore, Mahaprabhu said:


gramya-katha na sunibe, gramya-varta na kahibe
bhala na khaibe ara bhala na paribe


Never accept anything according to your liking. Even if someone offers you something, don’t accept it readily. If you accept something you should think, “This is for God, the Guru-varga, and the Vaisnavas and not for me.” If you accept something according to your discretion what will happen? An elephant will emerge out of the hole of the needle. Kacha knew of how Devayani would resort to any means to have him accept her. Kacha stopped drinking water and eating food. He would only take guru’s prasad. He would only take his gurudeva’s remnants. He would take nothing else. Devayani would make many preparations like halava, pakoda, and malpua for Kacha. But he would cleverly refuse.


The demigods don’t eat meat, but the demons do. This is a major difference between them. The demons eat various animals. But Devayani became a vegetarian and started to follow Ekadasi. She adorned her forehead with a tilak and had dreadlocks emerge out of her hair. She now assumed the form of a brahmacarini. She also wore the dresses of a vyabhicarini, candalini, duracarini, and pakandini. Why? She thought, “By seeing me dressed this way, Kacha will come under my control.”


But Kacha was not to be controlled by her. Gurudeva-Sukracarya told Kacha, “Kacha you are now the repository of brahma-sakti. You must never lose this brahma-sakti. You must never lose even a drop of it. By preserving it you will be Brahma’s nearest and dearest; you will form a close relationship with him. Guru-bhakti will make you more luminous than the brightest of stars. You will be very famous and helpful for everybody. Never think of the demons and demigods separately.”


Kacha replied, “Yes gurudeva.”


Gurudeva taught Kacha many sciences. Devayani untiringly tried to attract Kacha. She sensed how it is impossible to win over Kacha. Desperate, she had the demons assemble. The demons agreed to what Devayani said. They were of her nature. Each of them thought, “If I follow Devayani’s order she will marry me. I hope she looks at me and thinks about me. I will be hers.” Therefore Devayani had all the demons accost Kacha. They killed him and ate his remains. All the demons, and even Devayani herself, ate the body of Kacha.


According to the rules of the gurukula, during the evening the disciples make due arrangements for their gurudeva to take rest. They fan him and give him an oil massage. They smear sandalwood-paste on his body. On the next morning, before Gurudeva awakens, the disciples have all the paraphernalia ready. This is the duty of the disciples. If they have love for their spiritual master, they will be inspired to perform their services without any hesitation. Hence Kacha would sincerely serve Sukracarya. But Kacha was killed by the demons. The demons never served their spiritual master; they only ate, enjoyed, and gave pain to their gurudeva.


Complaining to their guru, the demons say, “I don’t have a room. I don’t have any food. I am not treated with respect and love. Why are you not giving me anything? Why are you not giving me some property?” These disciples only complain and give pain to their guru; this is the policy of the demons. Except for Kacha, who would serve Sukracarya? Hence gurudeva was very disturbed.


Greatly anxious he thought, “Where is Kacha?”


He asked Devayani and the others if they knew where Kacha was, but they didn’t answer his question. They had already eaten him. But how powerful guru is. He chanted mantras and took a little of the sandalwood-paste smeared on his body by Kacha.


Holding a little of this paste in his hand, Sukracarya said, “Kacha you must come out from wherever you are.”


By the power of his mantras the stomachs of the demons cracked open and the demons lost their lives. Devayani shrieked in pain and said, “I am finished! What is happening? Do I have a baby in my womb?” She ran to Sukracarya.


Alarmed, he asked her, “What happened?”


Pointing to her stomach, she said, “Kacha is here.”


“Kacha! How can Kacha possibly enter you womb?”


“Can I operate myself and remove Kacha out?”


Sukracarya asked his daughter, “What have you done? Tell me the truth.”


“I like Kacha.”


“But what have you done to him?”


“I had him killed and cut into many pieces. He didn’t like me; therefore I had him killed.”


But how was it possible to kill Kacha? Gurudeva never rejects those with whom even Hari Himself is angry and disturbed. Even if Hari scolds and punishes someone, know that Gurudeva himself protects him. So how is it possible for a disciple to be disturbed? By possessing guru-bhakti, you will have everything.


Devayani fell to the ground in pain and Kacha emerged out of her body. He didn’t appear in one svarupa; He appeared in many forms. He had brahma-sakti and guru-sakti in him. There was no longer a single Kacha, there were millions of him. Devayani was surprised by what she saw. Kacha had great sakti. By Gurudeva’s mercy, he had the power to expand himself into a million forms.


Reassuring Kacha Sukracarya told him, “Kacha, I will give you proper advice and you will never face any problems. Therefore, you should follow Kamika Ekadasi. Persons motivated by their own desires will approach and try to defeat you. They will try to destroy and kill you. Hence Ekadasi-mahadevi will protect you from them. By her mercy their desires will be nullified. None of their mantras and yantras will work on you. Tantra and maya will be ineffective on you. You will not lose your life anymore. You will be perfect and renowned as a great personality. You need only follow this Ekadasi, Kamika Ekadasi.”


Then Kacha learned from his guru how to properly follow Ekadasi. Gurudeva was very pleased with Kacha and told him, “Now you can go to your father.”


But Kacha didn’t go to heaven to enjoy. He didn’t want others to enjoy his body and mind. His body and mind was only dedicated to the Lord. He reserved his body and mind for the service of the Lord. This is called brahma-sakti. Gurudeva gave him this. By possessing brahma-sakti, guru-bhakti and bhakti to God will also be present. Hence a person having guru-bhakti will never be defeated by maya. He will be above maya.


Ekadasi-mahadevi gives us everything conducive for our devotional services. A serious disciple who sincerely serves his gurudeva will have all facility, help, chance, and protection offered to him.


A bona fide guru always thinks, “How can my disciples be proper? How will they be fixed in devotion?”


If you are not fixed in devotion, you will go the wrong way. Therefore our lives are very good lives. We came to the Gaudiya guru-varga by our great fortune. Kamika Ekadasi offers her protection causelessly.


akamah sarva-kamo va
moksa-kama udara-dhih
tivrena bhakti-yogena
yajeta purusam param


When people first join the temple, asrama, or gurukula, they have many desires. They think, “I wish to have a motorcycle.”


Later they think, “A motorcycle is not good; a car is good. Or better yet I wish to have a gas balloon and fly across the sky. I want to have a vehicle that can move on all surfaces and then I can go everywhere. The speed of such a vehicle should be a thousand kilometres per hour.”


Having such wild imaginations, speculations and desires is a disease that should be attentively dealt with. One cannot remove or protect himself from this disease by his own efforts. This disease will seem insignificant at first, but as time passes it will grow and consume the entire self. This disease runs the universal program. Beleaguered by this disease, you will run here and there. As a result, you will have no taste for guru and the holy dhama. You will lose faith in Vaisnavas and Mahaprasad. Tulasi-devi, Ganga, and Yamuna will not be revered and respected by you anymore. All your devotional conceptions will be cast aside.


You will then think, “How can I be this body’s servant? How can I be this bed’s servant? How can I be a maidservant? How can I be a slave?” You then run to fulfill these desires.


But you are God’s part and parcel. He has promised:


akamah sarva-kamo va
moksa-kama udara-dhih
tivrena bhakti-yogena
yajeta purusam param


God tells us, “Tivrena bhakti-yoga — engage yourself in My devotional service. If you have desires I will fulfil them. Whether you have many desires or have none, I will take care of you. Seeking shelter, why do you look here and there?”


You have no desire for guru-bhakti. To fulfill your desires, you came near Guru and Vaisnavas. This is called anya-bhilasa. Therefore Srila Rupa Gosvami has said:


anukulyena krsnanu-
silanam bhaktir uttama


The cultivation of uttama-bhakti must be seriously done. You must not be affected by the disease of fulfilling your desires. If this disease is unchecked you will think, “How is my mother? I wish to call my mother. I want to cry and speak my sorrows to her.”


Your mundane relatives will only harm you. The desire to fulfil your separate interests is very bad. It is not possible to remove the root of these desires by yourself. Hence Kamika Ekadasi cleans and purifies us of these desires by removing the root of these desires. She protects us from anyabhilasa. Then jnana-karmady will not have an effect on you. Ady signifies the desire to enjoy. Therefore by following Ekadasi, you will be free from everything. Soon after a sweet mood will enter your heart. You will then be helpful to everyone. You will look at everyone as God’s part and parcels. You will serve the Lord by serving His devotees. You will not be selfish anymore. Your service will be proper.


You will realize, “I am not a miser anymore; I am not selfish.”


Anything you do for God’s pleasure is sincere service. Then you will enjoy transcendental pleasure. Just like God took Prahlada and Dhruva on His lap, He will also take you on His lap. He will then embrace and kiss you. He will enter your heart and stay with you for all time.


You will realize, “I am God’s servant and He is my beloved. Our love will never be spoiled and destroyed. It will be impossible for anyone to steal me away from His service. Indeed His service is my life. His satisfaction is the aim and objective of my life. Otherwise I will be completely lost and I will run to fulfil my separate desires.”


This is called sadhu-sanga. This is the essence of the class. If you are not careful you will lose everything. I pray to Guru-pada-padma and the Vaisnavas that we will always be strong and we will always be respectful to Ekadasi-devi. Even if we don’t understand what we hear, just by respectfully hearing, these glories of Ekadasi-devi are bound to enter our hearts one day. On that day, we will weep for Ekadasi-devi’s help and mercy. Then we will realize how valuable and helpful this day of the appearance of Ekadasi-devi, the mother of devotion is. We would have realized her glories.


ek-bar dekhle cakse jal
‘gaura’ bole’ nitai den sakala sambal


sraddhavan jan he, sraddhavan jan he
prabhura ajnay, bhai, magi ei bhiksa
bolo `krsna, ‘bhajo krsna, koro krsna-siksa


You will also sing:

‘radha-krsna’ bol bol bolo re sobai
(ei) sikha diya, sab nadiya
phirche nece’ gaura-nitai


(‘radha) krsna’ bolo, sange calo,
ei-matra bhikha cai


But Nitai says, “Gaura bolo sange calo, ei-matra bhikha cai.”


When will you always pray like this? With tears in our eyes, when will we call out, “Ha Gaura! Ha Nitai!”


ha gaura-nitai, tora du’ti bhai,
patita-janer bandhu
adhama patita, ami he durjana,
hao more krpa sindhu


We will pray, “When will that day come when we will cry and pray near the lotus feet of Gaura-Nitai? Oh Gaura! Oh Nitai! I am a fallen soul. Please protect me.”


Gaura brought Ekadasi to this world. Guru-pada-padma told us about the glories of Ekadasi. But now he is distant from us. He has disappeared from our vision and gone to help the souls of another universe. But he is waiting for us. He thinks, “Who remembers me? Who thinks about me? Who is following in my footsteps? Who is seriously following the rules and regulations of bhakti?”


On seeing a sincere devotee, Gurudeva claps his hands and exclaims in joy, “I will take this soul with me. He is really my follower.”


Today we should pray to Guru-pada-padma, Gaurasundara, Ekadasi-devi, and the Vaisnavas that we will be serious one day. We should pray to not be defeated by our desires. These desires should not catch and smash us. We should remain determined like Kacha. We should never share our love and affection for God and Guru with others. Otherwise, there are many persons who are ready to steal and divide our love and affection. We will then be unprotected.


Vaisnava gosai, karuna jala-sindhu tava raksa pai***


We should pray, “He Vaisnava Thakura! Please come and protect me.”


Tomare vaisnava tomara vaibhava amara karuna doya, Vaisnava is the emblem of God’s glories. The vaisnavas will protect us.


He nanda-nandana sei aparadhe kabu nahi hoi hata.


drstaih svabhava-janitair vapusas ca dosair
na prakrtatvam iha bhakta janasya pasyet
gangambhasam na khalu budbuda-phena-pankair
brahma-dravatvam apagacchati nira-dharmaih


You should not think, “Ganga-devi only appeared during the ancient ages. Now she is not present.” Similarly, don’t think, “There were Maha-bhagavats before, but there are no Mahabhagavats now. Gurudeva was present before, now he is no longer present.” These thoughts are products of your speculation. By thinking like this, you will destroy yourself. Guru-pada-padma, Ganga, Vaisnavas, and Bhakti are always present in this world, they are always helping us. But we should follow these personalities. We should never forget Guru-pada-padma. We should never forget bhakti and her rules and regulations. By being sincere, we will always be with Guru-pada-padma and the Vaisnavas.


You will then realize, “I am very lucky and fortunate. I am always surrounded by Vaisnava association. In their association, harikirtana and haribhajana is always present.”


By being in their association, mundane desires and depression born of this material existence will be destroyed at their root. Otherwise they will not be destroyed.


Hence our life will be successful. Today we should pray to Ekadasi-devi and chant the maha-mantra.


Gaura Premanande! Hari Haribol!


Devotee: May I ask a question?


Sripada Premananda Prabhu: Yes.


Devotee: You spoke of Candra polluting his guru’s wife. But why does a guru need a wife?


Sripada Premananda Prabhu: Baladeva Prabhu is guru. His saktis are Revati and Varuni. Nityananda Prabhu is guru; His saktis are Jahnava and Vasudha. All beings have their saktis. But God’s sakti is helpful for the jivas. The conditioned souls enjoy their saktis. Therefore they are in maya. Brahma has Brahma-sakti. Jiva has Jiva-sakti. But Nityananda Prabhu’s sakti is helpful for everybody. Therefore Jahnava and Vasudha are present by His side. Revati and Varuni are present alongside Baladeva Prabhu. Our Gurudeva is a sannyasi.


He would tell some of the people he met, “You are enjoying with your sakti in family life. But you must use your sakti in the service of God. Then you will have no problem.”


Gurudeva would not use his sakti for his own enjoyment. He would use the sakti for God’s service. Therefore the Rsis and Munis have their own saktis.


Once a disciple of Srila Gaura Kisora das Babaji Maharaja approached him and said, “Gurudeva I have brought a Krsna-sevika.”


Babaji Maharaja replied, “Very good. Worship her every day. Offer puspanjali and wash her feet every day. You should honor her canaramrta as she is a Krsna-dasi. But don’t touch or even look at her.”


The disciple then ran out of Babaji Maharaja’s bhajan-kutir and never returned. Hence the conditioned souls only want to enjoy their sakti. Thus they glide down into hell. But guru doesn’t enjoy guru-sakti. Guru-sakti helps everyone serve the Lord. Therefore guru-sakti is always present near Gurudeva. Visnupriya-devi and Laksmipriya-devi are the saktis of Mahaprabhu. The conditioned souls only wish to enjoy their senses. They enjoy anything that comes in their way. For instance, babies eat stool and worms, they eat anything they can lay their hands on. The conditioned souls’ nature is similar. Since time immemorial, they are accustomed to this enjoying nature. But how can this nature change? Therefore, the Guru-varga tell us, “Remain as brahmacaris. Never lose your brahma-sakti. Use it in the service of God. If you are already using it in the service of God, your sakti will not be misdirected.”


Hence Gurudeva uses his sakti only for practicing and propagating bhakti. Do you understand?


Devotee: You mentioned about moon-god’s illicit relation with his guru’s wife. But why did she cheat on her husband?


Sripada Premananda Prabhu: He was a nonsense disciple. Guru gives shelter to anyone who approaches him. The sons take the wealth of their father and spend it in obnoxious ways. They meet prostitutes and drink alcohol with their father’s money. The father then tries to catch his sons and bring them back home. He tries to change them. But the souls are independent. They come to guru, take his sakti, and become against him. They even try destroying his mission. Like I mentioned earlier, not everyone comes to guru to become his servant, rather some want to become the next guru and acarya.


Therefore Gurudeva would openly tell to some of his disciples, “You are acarya. You are acarya.”


When Mahaprabhu told everyone to become jagat-guru, then all became very happy. Similarly if someone is told to become guru or acarya they may become proud. It is rare to find a bona fide guru-das. Where can you find such a person? He is rarely found. This kind of disciple is never involved in false policies and politics. They don’t desire name and popularity. They are not affected by anarthas like nisiddhacara, kuti-nati, and jiva-himsana. They are not envious and competitive.


A mouse told a guru, “Gurudeva a cat always tries to eat me.”


Gurudeva asked, “What would you like?”


“You make me into a cat.”




The cat then cried and said, “Gurudeva, a dog always chases me.”


“Then what would you like to become?”


“I wish to become a bull-dog.”


“Okay. You will become a bull-dog.”


After some time, the bull-dog ran to Gurudeva and said, “Oh Gurudeva, a tiger is always trying to attack and eat me.”


“Okay, I will make you a tiger.”


“Then I will be happy Gurudeva.”


The mouse then became a tiger. Now some proclaim, “The mouse has become a tiger. Gurudeva has made this mouse-like disciple into a tiger.”


The disciple thinks, “They are insulting me.”


The mouse thought, “If Gurudeva is present, he will pose problems. I should kill him.”


But when the tiger jumped to eat Gurudeva, Gurudeva made it into a mouse again.


Similarly, a disciple may think, “I am all-in-all.”


Where does the disciple’s power come from? Then Gurudeva will tell the proud disciple, “Punar musika bhava. Okay, the body of a mouse is good for you. Become a mouse. This is befitting for you.”


Guru gives brahma-sakti to his disciples, but not all of them can tolerate this sakti. People think, “Who am I? I am the controller of the world. I will defeat and smash everyone. I will prove myself to be a Maha-bhagavat. I am a pure soul; anything I say is truthful. Everyone else is nonsense.”


God and Gurudeva are very tricky. They look at the disciples’ inclinations and ask them, “What do you like? You want to become a guru? Do you need sakti?”


But you must be careful. You must use every drop of your brahma-sakti in the service of Guru and God, then your life will be successful. Never be selfish. If you are selfish, you will destroy everything. This problem will come your way if you are careless. If you properly perform your services, you will cross maya and attain God’s service.


Gaura Premanande! Hari Haribol!